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My name is Kendrick Wilson. This is a little web site about me, my current personal projects and other stuff I am learning.....
ChromeOS Apps

KDS - Kitchen Display System - Restaurant patrons order for food. A virtual ticket is displayed on a TV screen in the kitchen. Ticket changes/animates according its age. Tickets are deleted when the food is ready.

Square Kitchen Display SystemSquare Kitchen Display SystemSquare Kitchen Display System
- Fullscreen Chrome App Frontend
- AppEngine Backend
- Square Point of Sale Integration
Mobile Apps

I starting developing apps after the release of Android 1.5 - Cupcake. I would develop using the emulator, push to the market, and go to the T-Mobile store to test them on an actual G1.....Also, I sold some of the apps thru the WebOS store for Palm Pre and Pixi users.....

- Phone Assistant - Free (last updated Jul 18, 2011)
- Percent Off - Lite (last updated Nov 12, 2013)
- QuickGrader with Ads (last updated Nov 12, 2013)
- Tip Big - Tip Calculator (last updated Nov 12, 2013)
* Big Words-Vocabulary Builder
* BuzzWordz Phrase Generator
* BuzzWordz With Ads
* Immigration-Civics Study Guide
* Password Booster
* Password Booster with Ads
* Percent Off with Voice Actions
* Phone Assistant
* QuickGrader for Teachers
* Rebate Manager
* Shop Assistant
* SixTeen Bars - Mobile Studio
* Size Chart - Shopping List App
* Stolen Wallet Survival Kit
* Things To Remember - PIM
* Tip Journal
* Tip Rate - Tip Calculator
* Tithe Journal
* Unit Cost - Price Calculator
* Florida RoadRules-Study Guide
* New York RoadRules-Study Guide
* Texas RoadRules-Study Guide

* No longer on the market.
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SqlServer
Programming Language
Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML5, CSS
Version Control
Subversion, CVS
Intellij, NetBeans, Eclipse
Build System
Maven, Ant
Application Server
Tomcat, JBoss, Google App Engine
Operating System
Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, Android, Chrome OS
Spring, Spark, Stripe, Sturts, J2EE, J2SE, Flutter, Mobile Web
BeagleBone Black, Raspberry PI, Arduino, IoT
Currently Learning

- Dart http://www.dartlang.org
- C#/Asp.NET Corehttps://www.microsoft.com/net/core
- Docker http://www.docker.com
- Kubernetes http://www.kubernetes.io
- Polymer (webcomponents) http://www.polymer-project.org
- Redis, MongoDB (alternative databases) http://www.sevenweeks.org
- Node.js http://www.nodejs.org
- Flutter http://www.flutter.io
- Other random things.....
Mount Nebo Church
Web Developer http://www.mountnebochurch.org/index.html
Kids Code Mississippi
Mentor http://kidscodems.org/dev4ms/

Software Engineer with experience in developing enterprise software systems and mobile products. Always learning new things.
Master Of Science
Computer Science
Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi
2000 – 2003
Bachelor Of Science
Computer Science
Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi
1995 - 2000
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